Holiday Jam

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Game Loop Progress

Still no art, but I've been focusing on the systems before starting to load in a ton of assets.  Holiday Jam -  Holiday Jam Art Dump

Finite State Machines

Mobs have idle, wander, alert, follow and attack. The attack uses the same ability system as the player and swaps out collision masks depending on the source. The system seems pretty flexible, excited to branch out a bunch of ability types with it. Right now there are just three, a single shot, triple shot and a saw... Not sure why the saw is there, but I had the model. NPCs only have idle and wander.

More loading stuff

Scenes have a transition when moving between them and a small progress bar, seems to be working but the usual thread goblins are in there causing some hitches on the animation.

Dungeon Gen

It's hard not to start adding stuff to the rooms and changing out the shapes and tiles for variety, but there is a bunch of stuff in the background that needs actual design. For now you can have a bunch of rooms connecting one room is selected as a boss room and spawns the portal back to town and a chest. I swapped out the astar diagonal stuff with the Manhattan version, feels like this is going to change a few dozen times.


I added a single NPC class for handling dialogue, I'm avoiding going down a full on dialogue system path if I can avoid it, but I wanted something simple for interaction and quests.


This is essentially invisible but I did a lot of refactoring to make abilities work for anything that owns a stat component. The small hot bar on the bottom left is swappable and the abilities are easy to create. Should be a lot of fun once I get into some animation.